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ECI Benefits - We add structure and security to your data landscape

ECI Connect is a unique end-to-end solution for the processing and provision of machine data in Industry 4.0. Manufacturing-related data for your machinery is defined, collected, and consolidated via a single interface that is vendor-neutral and secure. With our service package consisting of hardware, software, and many years of experience, we deliver only relevant data to your top-floor analytics tool, which is essential for successfully controlling and optimizing your manufacturing operations.

Quality data instead of interface chaos and garbage data

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advantages without eci de



Using ECI Connect, all common control systems as well as custom developments in your manufacturing environment can be exported and transferred to your existing analytics systems in a standardized form via a central and secure interface.



Use ECI Connect to ensure that your manufacturing environment is fully prepared to meet the challenges of digitalization. Future Industry 4.0 projects can be implemented much more quickly and supplied with data without the need for renewed machine connectivity.

Schnellste Umsetzung

Fastest conversion

ECI Connect hardware and software is quick and easy to integrate into your manufacturing environment. Our experts swiftly implement the entire process according to your wishes, from machine connectivity through to final data provision.



The innovative combination of hardware and software ensures that ECI Connect can be adapted to your individual needs in a variety of ways, while guaranteeing maximum data security.


Data quality

ECI Connect not only delivers data points, but rather monitors the overall status of all machines on the shop floor. The data collected is also verified and filtered before being transmitted to your top-floor software system.


Overall concept

Machine connectivity is already established for all future digitalization projects.



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