Digitalizing your Shop Floor

ECI | Digitalisierung in der Produktion

Five factors that determine success. And the five questions you should dare ask yourself.


ECI | Die Maschinenflüsterer

From the machine pool to the tailor-made smart factory.Why practice should prevail over vision.


ECI | Die Reduktion der Fehlerkosten

The avoidable losses of SMEs in manufacturing.


ECI | Das OEE-Paradoxon

Why you don't know what you don't know about your OEE.


ECI | MDE auf den Punkt gebracht

The 1x1 of machine data acquisition and nine terms you should know.


ECI | Shopfloor Management reloaded

An "old virtue," its stumbling blocks, its potentials and a plea for Tough Skills.


ECI | Ratgeber: Maschinenanbindung

How to successfully digitalize your shop floor and overcome obstacles that don't actually get in the way.


ECI | Smart-Factory-Glossar | Teil 1

The key acronyms and their definitions on the trail of MDA, PDA, ERP, and other such terms.


ECI |  Der Zauber des Internet of Things

IoT – A trend, a buzzword, and what it means. What’s behind IoT, IIoT, and IoE?


ECI | Smart-Factory-Glossar | Teil 2

The key acronyms and their definitions. What do acronyms such as SFM, M2M, and HMI stand for?


ECI | Kennzahlen auf schwachen Beinen

The typical weaknesses of key performance indicators in manufacturing and how to manage them.


ECI | Mit Balanced Scorecard zur Digitalisierung?


The potential of the all-time classic for the smart factory. Thumbs up or thumbs down?


ECI | Smart-Factory-Glossar | Teil 3

The key acronyms and their definitions. Getting to the bottom of OFE, OEE, OMP, and other such terms.


ECI | Digitalisierung als Quick Win

Think small – and give your shop floor wings. In other words: Don't dilly-dally, just get on with it!


ECI Connect


Overall Concept

Connecting your machines for all current & future digitalisation projects.

Quick Connection

Quick & uncomplicated machine connectivity & data collection: plug & play.


Innovative solution connecting hardware and software for maximum data security.

Data Quality

With an overview of machine functionality, data is verified and smart filtered before collection.

Ready for the Future

Ready for the future of Industry 4.0 – Prepared for the digital future.

Independent of Manufacturer

ECI Connect ensures machine connectivity of any machine via one interface and analysis tool.

ECI-Mechatronics GmbH

Innsbrucker Straße 75

6130 Schwaz

Tirol | Austria


+43 5242 23075





Roland Marx

Franz Stock

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