Digitalizing your Shop Floor

ECI Connect provides all your machinery-related data via a single interface. Vendor-neutral and secure with plug & play capability.

Increased productivity and higher revenue – digitalization in manufacturing ensures transparent, accelerated workflows. Complex manufacturing processes become much more reliable and secure.

ECI Connect is the key to successful digitalization. All existing machines and equipment on the shop floor are connected via one common digital layer. The preferred interface – e.g., OPC UA – transmits the data collected to your top-floor software system. You now have access to all your data and can process it consistently.

Digitale Basis

Digital Base

Digitalization processes in manufacturing are typically launched as individual projects. The introduction of an MES, TDM, or CAQ system often covers only certain aspects of manufacturing and eventually leads to numerous stand-alone solutions for data acquisition. Using ECI Connect, you prepare your manufacturing operations for the digital future – not just for a single project, but by future-proofing all projects. All machines and equipment are interconnected and deliver unified data that is needed for various digitalization and IoT projects within your company.

Digitaler Layer

Digital Layer

Machine connectivity is the cornerstone of any digitalization project in manufacturing. ECI Connect's digital layer provides the basis for connecting all machines and equipment used in your manufacturing operations in a standardized way and reduces the interface requirements for future digitalization projects by up to 66 percent. A single interface protocol (e.g., OPC UA) is used to transmit the collected data to your existing analytics tools – vendor-neutral and future-proof.

Intelligente Datensätze

Intelligent Datasets

ECI Connect not only provides individual data points, but rather monitors the overall status of all machines and creates complete and meaningful data records that you can use for further analysis and evaluation. This ensures that only accurate and complete data of the quality you require is ever fed into your analytics systems and unnecessarily large volumes of data are avoided as a result (edge computing).


Maximale Sicherheit

Maximum Safety

Protection against unauthorized external access plays a central role in all digitalization projects.

ECI Connect provides the best possible protection against external access to your manufacturing operations by customizing the hardware and tailoring it to individual machines.


The ECI Connect hardware connects the individual machines and equipment in your manufacturing facilities. You can choose from three hardware versions, with and without visualization.




vTouch with 13" Display

vTouch with 21" Display
Full range of functions for machine data acquisition

Fail-safe in case of network disruptions x

Machine interface is separate from the manufacturing network x

Processing of digital and analog signals x

Data visualization on the machine x


Customized software possible x


Errors excepted and subject to alteration of prices.



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