Digitalizing your Shop Floor

ECI Mechatronics GmbH, partners of ECI Connect with headquartered in the Austrian city of Schwaz in Tyrol, is united under one roof with ECI Manufacturing GmbH, which is known for its high level of expertise and innovative manufacturing processes for mechanical components.


Thanks to the ongoing interdisciplinary exchange of knowledge, we see ourselves as mechatronics experts with extensive manufacturing expertise. This unique combination and the resulting competitive edge we gain in terms of knowledge, set us apart from other suppliers. Our goal is to establish a standardized solution for digitalization in manufacturing throughout Europe.




What are Challenges in Digitalizing for Manufacturing?

The connecting of single machines in a large, evolved, heterogeneous machine park is a challenge, which makes digitalisation rather expensive. Not to mention stressful.


ECI Mechatronics recognized & solved this problem with a simple solution to ensure your digital future in manufacturing. 


Looking for a suitable solution, we researched the market for a simple digital solution to connect machines and handling devices. Failing to find useful options, we set upon finding a solution to connect our shop floor and collect data.


Taking matters into our own hands, ECI started working on software solutions. Soon, we were connecting our machines with newly created software programs such as ERP or MES.


ECI Mechatronics developed a digital solution for manufacturing


In 2012 Hans Reiter and Franz Stock founded ECI Manufacturing to produce high-quality parts for motor manufacturing. For production, they built a machine fleet.


As a manufacturing company, they soon recognized the wide-reaching benefits of digitalising and connecting their machines in production, as well as collecting valuable data about the entire process.


This home-made software solution created for our own machine park worked successfully and soon created a minor stir with producers in manufacturing, who heared about this software. Due to the high demand for this software solution, the development and production for the free market was soon started.


Today, our product for manufacturing is in serial production. ECI Mechatronics has established itself as a reliable partner company to various customers. Offering a digitalization for your manufacturing floor and a heterogeneous machine fleet, no matter how different your machines may actually be.


"ECI Mechatronics is your expert in digitalization and processing machine data with your "Top-Floor" software. Experienced professionals in manufacturing ensure competent installation with immediate effect on production and efficiency."

Hans Reiter, Founder and Manager of ECI Manufacturing GmbH


"Get your shop floor ready for the future with digital solutions by ECI-Mechatronics."

Philip Fischer, Head Engineer Mechatronics

ECI Connect


Overall Concept

Connecting your machines for all current & future digitalisation projects.

Quick Connection

Quick & uncomplicated machine connectivity & data collection: plug & play.


Innovative solution connecting hardware and software for maximum data security.

Data Quality

With an overview of machine functionality, data is verified and smart filtered before collection.

Ready for the Future

Ready for the future of Industry 4.0 – Prepared for the digital future.

Independent of Manufacturer

ECI Connect ensures machine connectivity of any machine via one interface and analysis tool.



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ECI-Mechatronics GmbH

Innsbrucker Straße 75

6130 Schwaz

Tirol | Austria


+43 5242 23075





Roland Marx

Franz Stock

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